In an effort to upturn some of New York’s poverty-stricken conditions, Indigenous Peoples Survival Foundation (IPSF), a non-profit organization, has developed and organized a food assistance program for needy people in New York, USA. As a result of this program, well over 100,000 poor people are fed each year. This food service program is provided absolutely free of charge to the various New York communities.

How does this program work?

Well, IPSF’s staff of volunteers pick up fresh bread, which is donated by a local gourmet bakery, and IPSF delivers to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, food pantries and community food service outlets located in Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle, White Plains, New York City and other surrounding suburban areas. The bread along with other food items are then distributed by these organizations to needy and under-privilege people.

In addition to the Food Assistance Program, IPSF provides emergency help and aid to individuals and families in times of crisis.