Chitral District is located in NW Pakistan in the most isolated area of the Himalayan Mountains. It is cut off from the whole world for 4-5 months. The land is a barren rocky mountain; food shortages are common, especially during the season we call “hardship months” (March to May). Through our Food Assistance Program, we provide flour or cash to families that would go hungry during this time.

Our Food Assistance VIP program is for people who have no means at all. Widows with young orphan children, families where multiple members are disabled, and regularly go to bed on an empty stomach. We provide a monthly stipend to cover basic food costs.

This project has been suspended due to a lack of funding. We would like to restart this year with 30 VIP families receiving a stipend of $100 per month. Please see the document we can create for our donors with pictures showing who they are sponsoring. Please help us restart this important program for one year.