In 2013 IPSF initiated one of the most important life-saving projects in Pakistan, the prevention and treatment of neural tube defects in newborn babies. This deadly birth defect affects the brain and spine in newborns, leading to death, or at best lifetime paralysis and related disabilities.

Studies show that taking folic acid three months before pregnancy reduces the chance of these birth defects by 70%. This treatment is feasible, affordable for most people in the third world, and is cost-effective compared to expensive surgeries.

IPSF education campaign is reaching the most underserved public through health professionals, hospitals, clinics, rural health centers, girl’s colleges, universities, radio, and television.

IPSF has appointed neurosurgeon Dr. Faisal Feroz Rana, to oversee the project to eradicate these birth defects from third world nations. Currently, Professor Dr. Kaleeq Zaman has joined us in this project. We look forward to working with him.

IPSF plans to build a hospital and rehabilitation center for children affected by these birth defects and pediatric brain tumors.